The Shack

A woman returns to her childhood home and confronts her memories.

Short Film – 8 mins – 16mm

Cast Stephanie Begg, Emma Strand, Henriette Tkalec, Ben Brock

The Shack’ is the story of a young woman’s journey to face her tumultuous and abusive childhood, which took place within the confines of a run-down shack in rural Australia. Set in the 1960’s and in her memories of the 1940’s, she re-explores growing up in the shack and must make a choice; hold on to the pain of the past or accept, forgive and move on with her life. 

Director/Writer Stephanie Begg
Producers Josh Mawer, Tor Larsen
Production Assistant Sarah Elizabeth
Cinematographer Robert Agganis
Focus Puller Ty Oliver
First Assistant Director Josh Mawer
Gaffer Andrew Ward
Best Boy Josh Royce
3rd ELX Rebekah Chislett
Sound Department Sound Recordist Nathan Codner
Production Designer Peta Diebert
Art Director Billy Malcolm
Costume Designer Peta Diebert
Makeup Artist Zoe Slatyer
Hair Stylist Cecile Guardiera
Safety Officer Grant Page
Unit Manager Michelle Farrugia
Editor Josh Mawer
Sound Designer Lucas Bone
Composer Lucas Bone
Telecine/Online Frame Set Match