Part Time Heroes

A brother and a sister are destined to save the realm. But being a hero is tough, and they’re pretty shit at it, so they fight a lot, mostly among themselves…

A 6 x 10min fantasy/comedy web series in development.
Writer: Drew Wilson
Producers: Josh Mawer & Stephanie Begg

Part Time Heroes follows Trip and Carah, a brother and sister duo, as they pursue a quest to save the realm from The Evil QueenTM.

They face epic battles, clash with dragons, brave arcane explosions and fight huge armies just like in Lord of the Rings… but… we only ever hear about it. In fact, Part Time Heroes is the bits between the action. The bits where our siblings test magical items (on each other), talk about their sexuality, rage against the patriarchy, write love letters, crash tackle wizards, flirt with princes, reveal their fears, celebrate being bloody awesome, and reveal the real qualities that make a hero well… a hero.

Heavily influenced by our love for Dungeon’s And Dragons (DnD), it’s Game Of Thrones meets Gilmore Girls … just on a teeeeeeny budget by comparison. We get the fun of seeing what happens after the “camera” stops rolling and explore the relationship ups and downs of these two would-be warriors.

PART TIME HEROES is a new fantasy comedy web series in development. As finalists in Screen Australia’s inaugural Pitcher Perfect event, we were flown to Melbourne to pitch in front of 500 people and an expert panel at VidCon2019. Congratulations to the winning project ‘Return To Sender’. Invigorated by the positive feedback from Screen Australia, we are now developing the series; scripts are being written, spells memorised, swords sharpened, and a teaser has been made for collateral during further pitching for funding.