Role: Director, Producer, Creative Director, Editor
Event: Alive at the Theatre Livescream
Album: Brain Candy
BandHockey Dad
LabelBMG / Farmer & the Owl
AV teamGig Piglet
MakeupThe MakeupWardrobe

When their drive-in concert for new album Brain Candy was cancelled to last minute torrential rain, the Wollongong based indie band on-the-rise and their label BMG doubled down and decided to mount a livestream anyway.

The catch? It had to be just a few days later to capitalise on the all important launch week. And in an old theatre, with zombies, and a variety show vibe. Alive At The Drive-In became Alive At The Theatre in the blink of an eye. I was brought on to provide creative direction of the overall viewer experience and to deliver several pre-recorded packages to build the storyworld.

Pre was a Friday and the weekend, we shot Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, even filming the last piece an hour before showtime and delivering the edit to the OB van in that same hour. Tight like a glove it was.

Show rundown:

/// 0:03 – Intro Package:
Astrid Jones reports from Windang Chemical Industries
Brain Candy Cereal TVC
Astrid Jones reports from Music Farmers Record shop
Hockey Dad Courier Service TVC
3:03 – In This State
6:10 – I Missed Out
10:00 – Milk In The Sun
13:35 – Good Eye
18:09 – Germophobe
/// 22:32 – Intermission Movie
Astrid Jones tracks the band to the theatre.
24:53 – Itch
30:25 – Heavy Assault
33:22 – Nestle Down
37:50 – Tell Me What You Want
42:00 – Dole Brother
45:13 – Keg
48:46 – Reno
52:48 – Looking Forward to The Change
57:04 – Cut Your Hair (Pavement cover)
/// 1:01:06 – Outro movie
Astrid Jones interviews members of Hockey Dad after the show

The day before we also released an ad on facebook to generate more interest. We implored fans not to tune in.

It did not work.