Fair Go

Client: Dick Smith
Director/Editor: Josh Mawer

Dick Smith: entrepreneur, adventurer, aviator, millionaire. Not just the electronics chain or food brand.

He launched a think tank in 2017 called Dick Smith Fair Go to promote a sustainable future for Australia and I directed and produced a slate of assets for his national campaign, 60 and 3osec TVCs, web assets and collateral.  These were part of his push to raise a national conversation about sustainable population, and he wanted a shocking ad to raise eyebrows, maybe get banned, and cut through the media churn.

And spending a million dollars of his own money on the media-buy get’s headlines all by itself.

I created the content and worked with No Anchovies Studio on the animation. Then saw it through the online, mix and delivery to CAD and Adstream.
My commercial was covered by all the news, and attracted a lot of flak for it’s view on immigration, but certainly raised the profile and started conversations.