Red Cross ‘Hearts’

TVCClient: Red Cross AmericaProducer: Paul IrwinDirector/Editor: Josh MawerCinematographer: Steve Perrong A spot branded for the American Red Cross, coming just after hurricane ‘Sandy’ hit New York and New Jersey in late 2012. I teamed up with producer Paul Irwin (the nuts-and-bolts production guru at Donneybrook Productions) and Philly DP Steve Perrong.

Fair Go

TVCClient: Dick SmithDirector/Editor: Josh Mawer Dick Smith: entrepreneur, adventurer, aviator, millionaire. Not just the electronics chain or food brand. He launched a think tank in 2017 called Dick Smith Fair Go to promote a sustainable future for Australia and I directed and produced a slate of assets for his national campaign, 60 and 3osec TVCs, web assets and collateral.  These …

Permanent Fix

TVCClient: American Medical AssociationProducer: Paul IrwinDirector/Editor: Josh MawerCinematographer: Steve Perrong This spot was a bucket of fun to make for the American Medical Association. They wanted the spot ad to reach their audience and be humorous enough to get passed on. We pitched a few ideas, this won out and I storyboarded, cast one of Philly’s finest improvisers and got soaked directing the fun. We turned the edit …


TVCClient: Australian National UniversityProducer/Director/Editor: Josh Mawer This spot was created for the ANUx Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) ‘Introduction To Actuarial Studies’ course run by Dr. Adam Butt at the Australian National University through I scripted & produced this 30 & 15sec cutdown — and had a great time working with No Anchovies Studios.